Frequently asked questions

1. Whats the difference between all types?

All Tvbox Spec, Packing and Function Also no same

Basic Summary

Svicloud 4+64 8P Version (GREY)
- 4GB RAM + 64 GB ROM 8K (2021, Nov Lauch)

Svicloud 4+32 3PRO Version (BLUE)
- 4GB RAM + 32 GB ROM 8K (2020, May Lauch)

Svicloud 4+32 3PLUS Version (RED)
- 2GB RAM + 16 GB ROM 8K (2020, Jun Lauch)

Svicloud 3S Version (BLACK BLUE)
- 2GB RAM + 16 GB ROM 6K (2020, Jan Lauch)

2. How to get Start? - User Guide

Plug in your power cable with your Svi cloud, Connect WiFi or LAN cable

After buy we had provide Facebook Customer Service Group to Buyer.

3. Does the device has Google Playstore?

Yes, All Svicloud devices has Google Play store and Svicloud Market.

4. What are the internet speed requirement needed? 

Recommended Internet service with unlimited quota 4mbs or above eg.
TM Streamyx / UniFi / Maxis Fibre / Time Fibre

If didn't have Wifi, can using own phone hostpot or broadband.

5. Can i watch this Svicloud out of Malaysia?   

Yes, can watch at all have internet area or country. (Except China need VPN)

6. How about warranty and after sales? 

We provide hardware 1 year warranty with 1 to 1 exchange and lifetime after sales service.

7. How to playback channel? 

Method 1: Simply press left button and release ta your desired time.

Method2: Press 'OK', then press right button, a list of programs and their respective time will be shown, choose your desire time and TV program there.

8. If one of the channels is not working. How? 

The server for the channel is undergoing maintenance process. Please report the issue to customer service via Wechat or Whatsapp.