Exchange & Refund Policy

If the wrong model of product is ordered, the customer is allowed to change the box

Any exchange should be reported within 3 days after delivery. (Based on tracking system.)

# There are two replacement methods:

1. If wrong model to the customer, we will bear the shipping cost.

2. If the customer buys the wrong model, they need to pay the shipping fee by themselves according to the region.

How to return defective/wrong products?

Please contact customer service to make an exchange report with photo as proof.
Take photos of the consignment note and shipping receipt and send it to customer service.

*Unless the delivery process is damaged, other human factors will not accept exchanges

*Please confirm the inventory before payment.
fter the payment is completed, please keep the receipt, and request to show the receipt if necessary.
*Svicloud Accessories and IPTV not entitle Easy Payment Plan(IPTV can choose instalment plan). If purchase with EPP, need bank in balance + 7% transaction fee or need refund + 5% transaction fee.
* After placing an order and paying, it is the same as accepting our agreement and rules.  

Which countries can't use it? 

Svicloud can be used anywhere in the world, except for mainland China.
We accept delivery to mainland China, but do not accept refunds that cannot be used in mainland China after purchases.

Please consider and take note before placing an order, thank you for your cooperation.